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Demonstrating Water Conservation through water-efficient landscaping



Several family events are held throughout the growing season at Central Utah Gardens. Learn more about upcoming concerts, festivals, and other events below.



Our goal at Central Utah Garden is to educate residents about their outdoor water use. Gardening classes for adults begin in late winter/spring, and kids' classes are held in the summer. Find out more in our classes section!


Plant Database

Looking for a specific plant? Check out our plant database for information on the different plants in the gardens as well as where to find them locally for purchase.


Water Conservation

Central Utah Water Conservancy District strives to help Utah residents conserve water in many ways. See details about the rebate program, Localscapes, and more.


Pumpkin Carving Contest Oct 26, 2018 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM

Carved, painted, and decorated pumpkins can be dropped off from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. All pumpkin entries will be displayed at the Pumpkin Walk the following day. Cash prizes will awarded to contest winners.

Contest Rules and Entry Form

Junior Contest Rules and Entry Form

2017 Winners

Pumpkin Walk Oct 27, 2018 12:00 PM- 6:00 PM

Fun activities for all members of the family! Walk through the gardens and enjoy the fall colors. Check out the pumpkin entries from the pumpkin carving contest. Be amazed by a magician. Meet some “scary” animals. See a pumpkin artist hard at work. And be sure to come dressed in a costume for a free donut.

Pumpkin Walk Flier

Pedometer Watch

Pumpkin Walk Video


Our website is currently under construction, and the plant database is temporarily down. Coming soon, you will be able to search water-efficient plants within our database for specific characteristics like sun exposure, water use, and bloom time. Please check back later for the upgraded plant search tool.

Water Conservation

Fall Checklist

Get your yard ready for the winter with these fall tips

  1. Plant trees and Shrubs: After a long cold winter, start of by conducting a thorough check of your sprinkler system. Many leaks are easily missed or are overlooked but even the smallest leak can waste thousands of gallons and cause a lot of damage.

  2. Winterize your sprinklers: Each fall remember to shut off the water and get the water out of your sprinkler system. This will help to avoid damage to pipes, sprinklers, valves, and your property.

  3. Fertilize and aerate your lawn: Fall is the most important time for fertilization and weed control. Applying high nitrogen, fast release fertilizer in the fall will give you a great head start next year. Also, apply a good pre-emergent to help keep weeds from growing next spring.

  4. Adjust your mower height: By lowering your mower to around 2" will help slow the spread of winter-active fungal diseases such as snow mold. It also helps to remove leaf liter from the lawn.

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